Why WeBerber?

WeBerber is a company created by Abdelghani Hammoud, the third generation of an artisan family located in the Middle Atlas mountains, in Khemisset which is a small town near to the capital of Morocco, Rabat.

The goal of our project is to create a brand of Moroccan handmade rugs that will help artisans to sell their handmade products.

We are very passionate about the art of the hand made rugs which represents one of the best art forms of our Amazigh culture.

Each carpet is one-of-a-kind and of outstanding quality. They are hand woven by family members females in our areas. We aim to protect centuries-old practices, making use of the finest quality natural springtime wools, native dyes as well as organic cleans.

WeBerber is committed with fair-trade to help women make a living.

WeBerber is committed to providing attractive long-term fabrics.


Abdelghani Hammoud was born and raised in the tradition of rugs weavers and merchants from Khemisset.

He is the third generation of rugs merchants.

He worked for a while in the cinematographic domain as a sound engineer.

He started commercializing rugs on the internet in order to pay his tuition at the arts and cinema school in Marrakech.

After he got his degree, he thought about making out of WeBerber his main activity.


Bouchra, Nezha, Hakima are the women who take care of weaving WeBerber carpets according to customers orders.

They live in Ait Yadine, a village 20km from Khemisset.

They make about two medium rugs per month at home.

The manufacture of carpets is a complementary activity to their domestic work that allows them to contribute to the family economy.


She has been working for years in the production, promotion and communication of contemporary and urban culture in Spain and in Morocco.

In berber rugs, she finds an art that is born of a culture deeply rooted in the land and in nature.

A tradition that connects her to her family origins in the Asturian and Leon mountains in the north of Spain.

From the Cantabrian mountains to the Berber Atlas, a round trip and a return to essence.


Zakaria lives in Khemisset and takes care of different tasks at WeBerber, the main and very important one is carpets cleaning.

Carpets washing is done after weaving (or buying) to clean the wool, remove the smell of sheep and soften the fibers.

The carpets are washed at home, on the terrace, with soap and baking soda to whiten the wool and using a metal brush.

They are rinsed with water and put to dry in the sun on the terrace.