Why WeBerber?

Our mission as Berbers is to promote our culture and make a presentation of it in the virtual world and consequently in the real world.

We are very passionate about the art that is produced by our culture. For that, We are digging into our culture to deliver an explicit content and artifacts like Moroccan Berber rugs that best represent the  Amazigh culture.

WeBerber is a reasonable trade artisan project as well as a top vendor of authentic Berber rug .

Each carpet is one-of-a-kind and of outstanding quality. They are hand woven by family members females in our areas. We aim to protect centuries-old practices, making use of the finest quality natural springtime wools, native dyes as well as organic cleans.

WeBerber is committed to providing attractive long-term fabrics. As a native Berber, it is my mission to bring the rich practice as well as the culture of the Berber people to Western home.