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5 berber names for your son and daughter

berber children

Ziri: Finally, we have a name which is used in multiple Amazigh dialects. And why not, as it has a beautiful meaning – ‘moonshine’! Though the name has a feminine ring to it, it is used for males. Igider: Mighty and strong, this name stands for ‘eagle’ in one of the Berber languages. Giving this […]

The history of the amazigh language in morocco.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

The Berbers have occupied North Africa, specifically the Maghreb, since the beginning of recorded history and until the Islamic conquests of the 8th century CE constituted the dominant ethnic group in the Saharan region. The Berbers take their more common name from the Latin “barbarous” (barbarian),. However, They had many names throughout the history as Berbers or […]