A small brief about Morocco.


Morocco is a land, extremely varied in its geography:

the serene Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean coastlines, the Riff as well as the snow-capped Atlas Hills, blistering Sahara Desert, lavish sanctuaries, woodlands and also abundant soils.

Influences of numerous societies together with the significantly various weather problems stand for Morocco’s natural heritage.


Throughout Moroccan background, different individuals migrated and settled in this land:

Arabs, Moors, Jewish people, people of Andalusia as well as Sicily.

However, the Berbers are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa as a whole and Morocco in particular.

They are dispersed in a location extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Sanctuary in Egypt, as well as from the Mediterranean Sea to the Niger River.

Historically, they talked Berber languages with each other form the Berber branch of the Afro-Asiatic family members.

Since the Muslim occupation of North Africa in the seventh century, the Arabic language greatly influenced Berber languages as well as later on, the French colonization also brought some substantial lexical entries right into the regional languages.

Berber languages are spoken by around thirty to fourty million people in Africa.

These Berber audio speakers are primarily concentrated in Morocco as well as Algeria, followed by Mali, Niger and Libya.

The Berber languages comprise several closely associated ranges.

Among these idioms are Riff, Kabyle, Shilha, Siwa, Tazayit and a few others. Tamazight is a common name for all the Berber languages.


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